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Process monitoring (2011)

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Video material
Download video: Link (plays in Google Chrome) [1.2Gb]

Video timing

00:00 to 03:45 Announcements
03:45 to 16:26 Recap of confidence intervals
16:26 to 35:45 Introduction to process monitoring and control charts
35:45 to 45:30 What should we monitor?
45:30 to 61:37 Shewhart charts: details
61:37 to 75:47 Type I and Type II error; ARL,
75:47 to 83:10 CUSUM charts
83:10 to 99:43 EWMA charts
99:43 to 116:10 Process capability (Cp and Cpk)
116:10 to 136:53 Industrial applications


[edit] Course notes

[edit] Projector overheads

Class date: 26 January to 3 February
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[edit] Audio recordings of 2011 classes

Date Audio file
26 January 2011 Class 10
28 January 2011 Class 11
31 January 2011 Class 12
03 February 2011 Class 13

Thanks to the various students responsible for recording and making these files available

[edit] Helpful R code for this section

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